Papa's Pizzeria

Papa's Pizzeria is back and now uses new engine. This means that the issue with the flash player is not a problem anymore so you can enjoy your favorite retro cooking game for free at our website. No additional software is required to run Papa's Pizzeria.

Papa's Pizzeria : About The Game

Papas Pizzeria

Papa's Pizzeria is in fact the first game which of the legendary game series which was created almost 15 years ago but still is very popular. Due to the fact that the flash games were disabled many games were lost forever. Fortunately, Papa's Pizzeria will continue to live with the new emulator which gives you opportunity to run the game without any bugs. So, the game is still popular but a lot of people have not played it before. I would like to give my own honest review and tell about the small lifehacks in this game. At the beginning of the game, the delivery boy of the pizza restaurant comes back after a successful delivery and finds a message from the chef - now you must run the pizzeria. That may seem a difficult task but in fact it is very interesting. Your mission is to control every stage of pizza making, starting from taking the order from customers and then managing oven, cooking the right pizza with right ingredients and serve it. If your customer is happy, you will receive tips. Every day the number of customers become bigger so you may find it difficult to serve several customers at the same time and do not make mistakes.

How To Play Papa's Pizzeria?

This game is about making pizza but also about running your own pizzeria. At the beginning of the game you will be shown a small tutorial to understand how to take the order, how to cook the pizza and so on. The more accurate you are in this game, the more money you will receive. When you take the order, read it carefully because if you mess up, the customer will be angry at you. Also take a look at the cooking time of the pizza - if you take too long you will have to throw away the pizza. Slicing the pizza is another important factor to get the high score : if you are doing it accurate - the ammount of tips will be higher. Papa's Pizzeria is a legendary game which gave birth to hundreds of similar cooking games so that's why it is so important to keep this game alive. At our website you can enjoy it for free on any devices so have fun.

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